Saturday, August 22, 2009

That's Show Biz!

It's full swing time for the art shows, and I'm dancing as fast as I can! This is a tough time of year to keep up with, well...everything. Orders, shows, pets, friends, household chores, trying out the new "happy apple" toenail polish...

Some things will just have to wait, because this time of year the shows come first. That means it's time to serve my retail customer. Because I added a new show at the last minute, I wanted to let everyone know that my jewelry won't be in it's customary home at The Promenade Gallery for a while. I'll be on the road (check out my art festival schedule!) until the end of September, when both I and my jewelry will return home to beautiful Berea.

On August 29 and 30 I'll be in Sellersburg, IN at a new show for me: Art In Speed Park. I'm told it's a fantastic show, and I'm happy to be an invited guest this year. So, come on out and see me and all the other creative folks there, offering their handmade wares.

Please remember that it's just as easy (and often as affordable) to buy a fantastic piece of handmade art by a regional artist as it is to make a run to the mall. Why not give something as a gift (to yourself, maybe?) that has a story, that is distinctive and special. And support your local economy at the same time.

To all those who DO come out to the shows and who are regular visitors to the art galleries--I thank you from the very center of my heart. And to those who aren't--what are you waiting for?