Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Moon Madness

Probably we all know the word "Lunacy" derives from "Luna," or the Moon. And though there have been a few male moon gods, most cultures have seen the moon as quintessentially feminine. From the Greek "Aega" to the Etruscan "Zirna," the moon goddess makes an appearance in nearly every mythological pantheon. 

So when I first published a picture of our "Phases of the Moon" bracelet on the Twelfth House Facebook page, I shouldn't have been surprised at the reaction from our female fans.  I wouldn't say they went crazy over it, but it did net a strong response. : )  This piece (pictured) was created for a good friend and customer who saw the bracelet and commissioned a necklace. With great patience she waited (I guess you could say through many moons--teehee) until we could finish it for her.  And so here it is.  By the way, as of today the moon is at 48%. For all you moon lovers or just the merely curious, a moon phase calculator is available at http://www.calculatorcat.com/moon_phases/phasenow.php.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Art in the Arbor -- Time to Shine!

 Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, mosquitoes are biting! (Ow!) What does all that mean? It's springtime here in the Kentucky woods, and that translates to kickoff to SHOWTIME! Though we do the winter KCMP Market earlier in the year, I don't think of the "show season" as officially starting until the first show of the spring.  This coming weekend we're happy to begin the art year at Art in the Arbor on the grounds of the Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church in Louisville. This will be our first time at this long-running and popular show, and we're eager to meet some new folks as well as visit with our terrific regular customers in the Louisville area. We're also excited to be previewing a lot of new mixed metal designs, like these "shine" earrings.  I have always enjoyed drawing and since I discovered metal etching, have been focused on transferring my original illustrations into metal form. If you're looking for some weekend fun, stop by and see us!  Here's the link for the show: http://tjuc.org/artinthearbor/  We hope we see you there! ♥
"Shine" copper and sterling earrings