Thursday, August 25, 2011

Next Up: Art In Speed Park!!!

Just spinning off the fast-paced wheels of a wonderful Woodland Park art fair, I've already packed my bags, my jewelry, and my portable store, and I'm headed to the sweet little town of Sellersburg, Indiana--located just 10 minutes north of Louisville. 

Art In Speed Park is a fair I look forward to all year--I see lots of my artist pals, listen to good music, eat good food and look at beautiful art works. And I enjoy the Saturday evening wind-down in the relaxing wine garden.  Kim Johnson, AISP Director, and her festival staff are among the warmest and most helpful I've encountered--so what's not to love?

And this year they've managed to schedule some delightful end-of-summer weather for the weekend...mid-80's and LOW HUMIDITY. Perfect. :)

I hope you'll be able to make it, but if not, here's my schedule for the rest of the year.  If I don't see you there, I look forward to seeing you somewhere! ♥

Art In Speed Park, Sellersburg, IN, Aug 27-28.
Art In The Vineyards, Cedar Creek Vineyards, Somerset, KY, Sep 10 
TACA Fall Craft Fair 2011 in Nashville’s Centennial Park Sept. 23, 24 & 25
KGAC Fall Fair, Indian Ft. Theater, Berea, KY Oct 8-9
Greater Cincinnati Winterfair, Northern KY Convention Center, Covington, KY, Nov 25, 26 & 27
Columbus Winterfair, Multipurpose Bldg, Ohio State Fairgrounds, Columbus, OH, Dec 2, 3 & 4


Thursday, August 4, 2011

You Should Buy This CD. Really. :)

OK, so who is this good-lookin' guy, and why is he (and his new and awesome CD) appearing on my blog?  To answer my own question (and those of you who know me well know I like to jump right in there), the cute guy is Warren Byrom. And not only do I try to promote Kentucky's visual artists whenever I can, I also like to brag on all genres represented in the rich talent vein that runs through our art-abundant state.

I first met Warren in the 90's in Nikky Finney's creative writing class at the University of Kentucky.  It was Warren's first pass through UK and my second, or er...maybe third (yep--the eternal student).  Have you ever fallen head over heels in platonic love at first sight?  Warren's kindness, humor, talent and charm won me over right away, and I've followed his success over the years as co-front man for Lexington's popular band, The Swells, and as trumpet player in Big Maracas.

Little did I know that Warren's considerable writing gifts, so apparent in his fiction back there in Nikky's class, would translate so readily to musical form.  Warren is an incredible singer/songwriter in the genre I would probably best describe as "Americana," or "Roots." But I always resist labels and really, Warren's work does, too.  It's utterly original and compelling and the evidence is packed into CD form, awaiting your discovery.  But you don't have to take my word for it (though I know you do!); you can take a listen here:
and read Danny Mayer's review of Fabled Canelands in North of Center:
The Fabled Canelands is available at CD Central, Morris Book Shop, Joseph-Beth Booksellers and from Warren Byrom on Facebook. To make your experience complete, you can see Warren in person at one of his upcoming Lexington gigs on August 13 at The Green Lantern and September 3 at Al's Bar (with opening act Altered Statesman from Nashville).  See you there! ♥

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Now THAT was a good art show!

This past weekend we were privileged to participate in the Berea Craft Festival, right here in my own backyard.  This show draws festival goers from many states--I talked to folks from Wisconsin, Minneapolis, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and probably many more places. The quality of the art represented was exceptional, as always, and it turned out to be our best show so far this year! We were also made happy and humbled by an Honorable Mention in the best of show/booth award.  And to top it off, I met this darling new customer, Alyeace, who, after touring the entire show, told her mum that she wanted an ear cuff as her one purchase.  I have never been so flattered. I'm always telling other artists that I have the most delightful and beautiful customers--now I don't think there can be any doubt about the veracity of that statement! Thanks Alyeace, for making my day a whole lot brighter. And thanks for buying something handmade from a Kentucky artisan. ♥

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Up a Creek--With a Paddle

Calling all paddlers and white water river runners!-- Or just anyone who wants to affirm that they're prepared when life's currents threaten to take them under...I'm happy to present this three-panel bracelet, fabricated from copper and sterling silver. Wear it for its aesthetically pleasing form, or as a talisman to help keep you afloat. You can see this bracelet as well as lots of other new designs at the upcoming Talbot Street Art Fair, Talbot Street, Indianapolis, next weekend--June 11 & 12.  We'd love to see you there!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Moon Madness

Probably we all know the word "Lunacy" derives from "Luna," or the Moon. And though there have been a few male moon gods, most cultures have seen the moon as quintessentially feminine. From the Greek "Aega" to the Etruscan "Zirna," the moon goddess makes an appearance in nearly every mythological pantheon. 

So when I first published a picture of our "Phases of the Moon" bracelet on the Twelfth House Facebook page, I shouldn't have been surprised at the reaction from our female fans.  I wouldn't say they went crazy over it, but it did net a strong response. : )  This piece (pictured) was created for a good friend and customer who saw the bracelet and commissioned a necklace. With great patience she waited (I guess you could say through many moons--teehee) until we could finish it for her.  And so here it is.  By the way, as of today the moon is at 48%. For all you moon lovers or just the merely curious, a moon phase calculator is available at

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Art in the Arbor -- Time to Shine!

 Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, mosquitoes are biting! (Ow!) What does all that mean? It's springtime here in the Kentucky woods, and that translates to kickoff to SHOWTIME! Though we do the winter KCMP Market earlier in the year, I don't think of the "show season" as officially starting until the first show of the spring.  This coming weekend we're happy to begin the art year at Art in the Arbor on the grounds of the Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church in Louisville. This will be our first time at this long-running and popular show, and we're eager to meet some new folks as well as visit with our terrific regular customers in the Louisville area. We're also excited to be previewing a lot of new mixed metal designs, like these "shine" earrings.  I have always enjoyed drawing and since I discovered metal etching, have been focused on transferring my original illustrations into metal form. If you're looking for some weekend fun, stop by and see us!  Here's the link for the show:  We hope we see you there! ♥
"Shine" copper and sterling earrings

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Eyes Have It! (Or, Did You Know...?)

Art goggles - front view

Art goggles - side view (the skull is NOT real!)

Art goggles - detail

  Robbie Hacker--employee and master fabricator at Twelfth House Designs--has a rather unusual hobby.  As if he didn't spend enough hours making stuff, when his day at the jewelry bench is done...he turns his tools to making artwear for the eyes!
  Did you know...that the first eyewear manufactured in the U.S.A. was made by jewelers?  Before the early part of the nineteenth century, most optical frames were cheaply made and imported from Europe. But when private customers began asking for something better, they turned to their local jewelers to fabricate sturdier and more asethetically pleasing frames.
  So, while what we're looking at here may be unique, the concept isn't new.  There is a small group of artists out there creating eye wear pieces where form competes compellingly with function for first place. (OK, so what if I love alliteration?) : )
  This particular pair of optic artwear is fabricated from re purposed copper, brass, and a couple of pairs of old magnifiers and didinium glasses.  While they're cool to look at, they're equally fun to actually use--to make jewelry, of course!
  At the risk of wearing you out (I'm known for my seemingly endless supply of little known and unwanted facts) and in case you didn't know, "the eyes have it" is actually co-opted from "the ayes have it"--a phrase used in The House of Commons to vote for approval in matters of debate.   And in the matter of this uber awesome artwear for the eyes, I'd definitely say the Ayes Have It.  (Sorry.) : )