Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Eyes Have It! (Or, Did You Know...?)

Art goggles - front view

Art goggles - side view (the skull is NOT real!)

Art goggles - detail

  Robbie Hacker--employee and master fabricator at Twelfth House Designs--has a rather unusual hobby.  As if he didn't spend enough hours making stuff, when his day at the jewelry bench is done...he turns his tools to making artwear for the eyes!
  Did you know...that the first eyewear manufactured in the U.S.A. was made by jewelers?  Before the early part of the nineteenth century, most optical frames were cheaply made and imported from Europe. But when private customers began asking for something better, they turned to their local jewelers to fabricate sturdier and more asethetically pleasing frames.
  So, while what we're looking at here may be unique, the concept isn't new.  There is a small group of artists out there creating eye wear pieces where form competes compellingly with function for first place. (OK, so what if I love alliteration?) : )
  This particular pair of optic artwear is fabricated from re purposed copper, brass, and a couple of pairs of old magnifiers and didinium glasses.  While they're cool to look at, they're equally fun to actually use--to make jewelry, of course!
  At the risk of wearing you out (I'm known for my seemingly endless supply of little known and unwanted facts) and in case you didn't know, "the eyes have it" is actually co-opted from "the ayes have it"--a phrase used in The House of Commons to vote for approval in matters of debate.   And in the matter of this uber awesome artwear for the eyes, I'd definitely say the Ayes Have It.  (Sorry.) : )

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  1. Quit apologizing! I love the eyewear and the ayes.