Thursday, August 4, 2011

You Should Buy This CD. Really. :)

OK, so who is this good-lookin' guy, and why is he (and his new and awesome CD) appearing on my blog?  To answer my own question (and those of you who know me well know I like to jump right in there), the cute guy is Warren Byrom. And not only do I try to promote Kentucky's visual artists whenever I can, I also like to brag on all genres represented in the rich talent vein that runs through our art-abundant state.

I first met Warren in the 90's in Nikky Finney's creative writing class at the University of Kentucky.  It was Warren's first pass through UK and my second, or er...maybe third (yep--the eternal student).  Have you ever fallen head over heels in platonic love at first sight?  Warren's kindness, humor, talent and charm won me over right away, and I've followed his success over the years as co-front man for Lexington's popular band, The Swells, and as trumpet player in Big Maracas.

Little did I know that Warren's considerable writing gifts, so apparent in his fiction back there in Nikky's class, would translate so readily to musical form.  Warren is an incredible singer/songwriter in the genre I would probably best describe as "Americana," or "Roots." But I always resist labels and really, Warren's work does, too.  It's utterly original and compelling and the evidence is packed into CD form, awaiting your discovery.  But you don't have to take my word for it (though I know you do!); you can take a listen here:
and read Danny Mayer's review of Fabled Canelands in North of Center:
The Fabled Canelands is available at CD Central, Morris Book Shop, Joseph-Beth Booksellers and from Warren Byrom on Facebook. To make your experience complete, you can see Warren in person at one of his upcoming Lexington gigs on August 13 at The Green Lantern and September 3 at Al's Bar (with opening act Altered Statesman from Nashville).  See you there! ♥

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